A Reminder and an Official Closing Date for Summer Tribute Store


As someone who dabbles in the world of theme park information, I continue to be amazed by the amount of awful information out there. An example of that prompted Universal Orlando to reveal the date that the “Summer Tribute Store” would close. As I often caution, be careful the theme park sourcing you trust. For example, The Revenge of the Mummy attraction still has not reopened. Many sources have predicted that attraction’s reopening date. July 4th arrived as a popular prediction. Just about every day in July became predicted for the “Mummy” attraction to reopen. All have been invalid.

Mummy entrance July 27th, 2022
Photo courtesy of BrianAndAmanda.net

Just because you see a site, or a person, post some info online does not equal it being true. For the last two weeks, I have seen many predictions from less than reliable sources declaring when the summer version of the “Tribute Store” would close. Logic dictates that the summer version must close before the Halloween Horror Nights version can open. This led to many educated guesses based on that fact. For record, none of those guesses were accurate- just sayin!

In response to one of these acts of speculation, Universal Orlando tweeted:” …The Summer Tribute Store is scheduled to remain open through the end of day on August 7th. A little more time to enjoy the ambience!” Universal Orlando’s social media team spends much time interacting in that format. I, for one, appreciate knowing when the transition will start.

So, what does this mean for you? If you want some Jaws, E.T., or Back to the Future merchandise, your best chance to find that ends Sunday night, August 7th. Based on the nature of this “Tribute Store”, I suspect that merchandise of this type will be moved to other areas of the park as the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store rises from the ashes of the summer one.

Also, historical pattern shows that it takes about two weeks for transitioning one store theme to another. That means the earliest we could expect the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store to open would be around the weekend of August 19th-20th. Since that would be the first weekend of “Passholder Days”, maybe Universal Orlando would have it done by then. However, a safer idea based on historical pattern would be the Thursday or Friday of the following week. This enables this store to open before Halloween Horror Nights begins on September 2nd.

Of course, I would not be foolish enough to poke at theme park rumor mongering just so I would do it in the same article. I am simply stating the historical pattern so we all can have a basic idea. Also, I have no inside information about the opening of Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store so I’m just presenting data.

Excitement builds as we get closer to Halloween Horror Nights. The arrival of the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store indicates only a short time left. Enjoy the spooky season!

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