A Disney-esque Park In Rome? A Look At “Magicland” Theme Park.


For decades Disney has been seen as the king of theme park entertainment. Inspiring people all around the world with new experiences and ways to explore their creativity and imagination. This also inspires people to want to create their own themed amusement enterprises.

Some notable ones include the infamous Nara Dreamland in Japan, a park that actually began as an officially licensed Disney park. But others simply wish to recreate the magic and wonder for their part of the world that doesn’t have access to such a place. One of these places is just outside of Rome, Italy. This… is Magicland.


Formally known as “Rainbow Magicland”, the park was opened in 2011 by Rainbow S.p.A, an Italian production company co-owned by the company’s founder, Iginio Straffi and ViacomBCS. The company is known for multiple franchises and TV shows such as Club57, Huntik: Secrets and Seekers, Regal Academy and most notably the Winx Club franchise.

The park feels like a mix between Six Flags and a traditional Disney park. It features a number of distinct landmarks and attractions to give you the feeling of wonder and imagination in addition to thrill rides like roller coasters. A number of rides included attractions based on Winx Club and Huntik. Even the Park’s centerpiece, the Alfea Castle, was taken from the world of Winx.

– Winx Club Dark Ride:

 – Huntik 5D Dark Ride:

– Winx Club Stage Show:


In 2018 Rainbow S.p.A. began removing their IPs from the theme park with no explanation, even rebranding the park to “Magicland” by removing the Rainbow association. This was possibly related to the then recent delisting of the company from the Italian Stockmarket. It is currently unknown how much ownership Rainbow S.p.A. has over the park and how much they have invested in it.

Video Courtesy of “EfremsAdventure” on YouTube. Video is in Italian to go into video settings and put on English Auto-Translated subtitles.

Today the park is currently closed due to the surge of COVID-19 cases in Europe, but is still in business as it was open earlier this year. Hopefully after the global pandemic dies down will re-open.

The next time you visit Rome or Italy be sure to put Magicland on your to-do list.

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