5 Reasons We Dislike T-Rex Café at Disney Springs

Photo courtesy of Phill Guard

With about 20 table service dining options at Disney Springs, some provide better food than others. A prime example of a table service restaurant at Disney Springs with very mixed reviews goes by the name of T-Rex Café. In a previous article, I covered reasons to love T-Rex Café.  However, there are at least five reasons to dislike T-Rex Café.


Clearly, this place does not make for a quiet meal. The entire theme of this place is built around noisy creatures, loud effects, and other types of sensory overload. Yes, this type of theming may entertain some children. However, if you have a child (or an adult) adverse to loud noises, you need to skip this place.


Nothing on the menu exceeds the average level. In fairness, nothing tastes terrible here. However, nothing tastes great either. Usually, an average restaurant will offer two or three good entrées. However, T-Rex Café fails to meet that standard. People do not visit this place for the food but for the experience. Please bear that in mind if considering this place for dining.


If you do not have a Landry’s Club Card, then this place can be a challenge for reservations. This place presents a struggle for parents when their child wants to eat here. This may lead to a 2-hour wait (or more) for a table depending on when you visit T-Rex Café.


In simple terms, the same quality of food found elsewhere would cost noticeably less. Even compared to other restaurants at Walt Disney World, the price point here for similar quality and value remains high by comparison. You may find the added expense worth it. Still, sticker shock could be a factor if you are not prepared.


If you desire some adventurous food options, then avoid this place. This place focuses on burgers, sandwiches, and similar entrée. Even the steak and pasta dishes resemble standard offerings found elsewhere. Saying it in a more positive way, almost everything on the menu qualifies as safe and standard. You will not find anything here different than your local table service options.

Hopefully, you find yourself more informed about T-Rex Café. If you have family members that love dinosaurs, then this place may be great for you. Good luck for you dining at Disney Springs.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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