5 Potential Properties for Disney Attractions


This is an opinion piece submitted by Michael Shorkey

For years Disney has been making various attractions for their Theme Parks and many of the parks have unique experiences for guests who go to the different parks. As time goes on Disney always makes New attractions based on various intellectual properties both Old and New. I’d like to explore five IPs that Disney has that could possibly make for very interesting and unique attractions for the Disney Parks. None of these are in any particular order and I don’t really favor certain IPs over others.

So here are 5 IPs that could make Unique Disney Attractions.

  1. Planet of the Apes

In the 2019 Merger with 20th Century Fox, not only did Disney Acquire the rights to X-Men and Theatrical cuts of the Original Star Wars trilogy, but also many other IPs, including one of the Greatest Science Fiction Properties outside of Star Trek and Star Wars, Planet of the Apes. Disney has expressed interest in Rebooting the PotA series with new films, as well as nostalgia for the original series from the 60’s and 70’s, which in its time was a huge property with licensing for toys and other merchandise as a sorta precursor to the Star Wars Marketing Blitz of the late 70’s and early 80’s. So Disney may take advantage of the IP not only in films and merchandise, but maybe as an attraction for Disney Parks as well.

If I were to imagine an attraction I’d say play it safe and base it off of the Original film (Something that Galaxy’s Edge should have done) and make it a Dark Ride in similar style to the Indiana Jones Ride from Disneyland in California and the Dinosaur Ride in Animal Kingdom in Florida. The guests would take the role of Astronauts crash landing on the Planet and during the journey finds the Ape civilization and are chased out by the Gorilla Soldiers as they try to find a way back to Earth’s Past. I’d say put it in Hollywood Studios near the Star Tours ride as the buildings are similar, plus it would be cool to see Storm Troopers and Gorilla Soldiers in the same area, and possibly interact.

  1. Treasure Planet

Sure we have Pirates of the Caribbean Ride over in Adventure Land, but Tomorrow Land could use some of that excitement if I say so myself. Though an underrated film an attraction themed after these Pirates from various Alien Worlds and Funny Robots would differently capture the imagination of young boys and girls.

I’d say give us an Outdoor Roller Coaster (Similar to the Hagrid Ride at Universal) where not only do you feel like you are flying fast and avoiding Asteroids and Pirate Ships (With some animatronics) but also when the ride is running at Night you’ll feel like you are flying through space.

  1. Atlantis: The Lost Empire

A Very underrated Disney Film from 2001 that actually was going to get an attraction at Disneyland as a Rework of the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride, but was never opened and now all reminisce of the original attraction no longer exist as the land was used for the “New Fantasy Land” Expansion. This IP I feel can give a great amount of enthusiasm for Adventure and exploring worlds of the past, with the crew of the Ulysses finding a lost civilization, sounds a lot like 20,000 Leagues meets Journey to the Center of the Earth, something Walt definitely liked.

But instead of doing the original plan or some kind of water ride (which you can find at SeaWorld) I’d go for a Star Tours approach where around 20 guests enter a “Sub-transport” and are being escorted to Atlantis as some of the first people to see it with the guidance of Vinny, Mole and Audrey piloting your ride as you traverse through the ocean and underground till you reach the lost city where Milo, Kida and the rest of the gang are waiting for you.

  1. The Jungle Book

Well when Winnie the Pooh can get a Dark Ride why not Jungle Book? Both films start off with opening a book, and there are many fantastic characters and animals you can encounter on your way through your journey.

Of course you’d have to make it a traditional Disney Dark Ride as it would most definitely be the best way to experience this classic.

  1. Wreck it Ralph

A fun and exciting film with the idea of going into different video games is a great concept for an attraction. Combining elements of the different games from Fix-it-Felix Jr. to Hero’s Duty to Sugar Rush you can have a lot of fun with these characters.

If I were to have an example for how this ride should go down, I’d say something similar to the Monster’s Inc. Ride in California Adventure but mixed with elements of Toy Story Mania with 3D Glasses and some fun interactive games along your journey mixed with classic Animatronics of the characters. I’d say put this one in Hollywood Studios.

I hope those of you who read this agree that these IPs, as well as some others that weren’t listed, can be great opportunities for attractions at various Disney Parks around the world. I hope the Imagineers keeps innovating and continue to build many more great rides for future generations to enjoy.

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