5 Easy Ways To Save Money at the Walt Disney World Resort

(Photo Credit: Tristan Pratt)

Now that the Disney raised prices yet again it’s time to talk about ways to save money when visiting Walt Disney World.

Here’s a quick list of 5 ideas to help you save.

  1. Bring Your Own Food or Drinks

For now, you are allowed to bring your own food and drinks into the park. There are guidelines for what can and can’t be brought in like glass bottles, dry ice, alcohol etc. But you can bring your own snacks, sandwiches, plastic bottled beverages, etc.  (make sure to check Disney park guidelines)

2. Share meals

If you want to buy food at the Disney park restaurants, consider sharing meals. The portion sizes are usually rather large and can easily be shared among family members. Some restaurants had topping bars and you can add salad toppings and more for extra food. I’ve heard some people even bring in bread and get double burgers and make 2 burgers from one. We just share because there’s plenty to go around.

3. But Souvenirs Ahead or visit the Disney Outlets

I have a spending problem at the Disney parks. I admit it! Disney fashion and cute fluffy things are my weakness!

If you are like me or if you have kids, you might want to consider buying items when you find them on sale and bring them with you or stop at one of the two Disney Outlet stores, called the Character Outlets, in Orlando. You can get incredible deals there, but they are off property.

4. Stay off Property

For me, we prefer to stay on property at the Walt Disney World Resort. It’s convenient, there’s bus service to and from the parks and you get perks like Extra Magic Hours for staying on property. However, there are much better deals to be had off property.

Universal Orlando has just opened a new “value” resort that is a lot less expensive and looks more like a Disney moderate resort.  There are lots of much less expensive options in the Orlando area if you check around and they often offer shuttle service to the various parks.

5. Look for Free or inexpensive souvenirs.

Disney offers a lot of free little thing that you can use as souvenirs. For example they have buttons (pins) that you can get for various events like a Birthday, 1st Visit, Celebrations, and more.

They also have park maps for free and people often time will take the maps and turn them into craft projects like picture frames or jewelry to make personalized mementos.

Epcot offers their Kidcot stations throughout the World Showcase with free craft activities for kids.

(Photo Credit: Disney)

If you want an inexpensive and fun souvenir to take home stop by the various penny machines around the park. You can even get special books for collecting them and people even make framed pieces, necklaces or bracelets to display their collections.

(Here are some of my pennies!)

Of course there are many other ways that you can save while planning your trip. Disney often offers specials and discounts and using a travel agent can also help you save. I hope these few suggestions help those of you needing to make your trip more affordable.

What do you think? Do you have any helpful hints or suggestions to share? Comment and let us know!

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