10 Types of People To Look Out For at Disney Parks


When you visit Disney parks you will almost always come across certain “types” of people. I want to preface that this is all in fun and many of these “types” of people aren’t intentionally being rude and not everyone that would fall in these categories are rude. If you have been to the parks you will likely know exactly what I’m talking about and have experienced it yourself.

1. Stroller Wielders

(Photo: Undercover Tourist)

The weapon of choice for many at Disney parks.

Now before some of you get your knickers in a knot I’m not talking about people who are polite and use their strollers properly. I’m not talking about those who have special needs kids who need strollers either. This is geared at those who use their strollers as battering rams to push through people or  run over feet or into ankles to try and get someone to move faster or get out of their way.  Our family has suffered three different incidents involving strollers at Walt Disney World.

A man with a stroller cut in front of our daughter (there wasn’t anyone around her when he did it either) and my husband had to stop short to not hurt her and fell. He has a long scar on his arm where he had a pretty bad cut/scrape and he cracked a rib.

In another incident a woman was trying to beat us to Pandora rope drop, she was running with her stroller and knocked into my son, who fell into his little sister. She broke her phone and got all cut up on her knees. Later that day a double stroller ran over my son’s foot. They knew they hit him and kept going. My son had to be helped to the bus because his foot was injured. Thankfully some ice and rest and he was okay.

Strollers in the hands of some people = danger for others.

2. Influencers/Bloggers/Vloggers

These are the people who are doing stupid things for clout on the internet or the ones who are holding court in certain areas and not letting other people take photos. I’m not talking about the polite people that do this job. There are a lot of them out there and they are courteous and knowledgeable. I’m talking about the rude people making it difficult for others. The ones that are going into restricted areas, or getting off of attractions, showing up in inappropriate attire to get “free” stuff.

Or the ones that ask other people to leave an area so they can set there and have an hour-long photo session of themselves. Those who go to the coveted photo areas and make others wait while they sit there. This happened to me when I wanted to go to the Cinderella Wishing Well for some photos. An Instagramer had set herself up there with her mom and were taking a bunch of photos. Several of us waited patiently for a turn and after quite awhile I just left.  When I walked past about ten minutes later she was still there and the waiting line was even longer.

We’ve all seen the stories online of rude people wanting clout.  Don’t do that.

3. Matching Outfit People

Right off I know this is going to tick off some people. Again, I’m not talking about the ones that are courteous and aware of others. I’m talking about the groups where they walk side by side across the entire walkway. The ones where they are so caught up in the Disney Bubble they forget that they aren’t the only ones there.

Recently a “Matching Outfit” family was involved in a fight at the Magic Kingdom that sent one person to the hospital and got some of them arrested.

Don’t do that. Wear the shirts. Just remember that you aren’t the only family in the park.

4. Tour Groups/Event Groups

Sometimes this one is also the Matching Outfit People. Of course, I don’t mean everyone, just the badly behaved people.

If you are in a big group remember that other people have to walk too. Try to stay to one side.

Those of you there for sporting events/dance events/etc. The entire Disney bus does not want to hear you chanting loudly the entire way to and from the hotels and parks. They do not want to see you do gymnastics or your routine in the middle of the walkway either.

5. Map Readers

I get it. This might be your first time at a Disney Park and you are lost or you want to know which way to go next. Just don’t stop in the middle of the road or walkway to check.

If you need to check your phone or map please pull over, out of the way to do it.  You do not need to stand side-by-side, across a sidewalk or walkway. Or you can ask someone. People at the parks, both cast members, and guests, would likely be more than happy to help you find what you are looking for.

Many times I have even walked someone to an attraction or restaurant they were looking for because they were lost.

6. Line Holders/Jumpers

This is yet another controversial topic. I’m not meaning people who get out of line to use the bathroom or take their children to the bathroom or something like that. I’m talking about the people who go ride other attractions while one or two people in their party hold the line. Then they show up and push past the entire queue to get to their party.

I’m talking about the people who send one person to run for an attraction at rope drop and then a group of 10 just saunters up and then pushes past everyone in line.

In fact, on my last trip, the Cast Members were telling people not to get in line for Rise of the Resistance unless their entire party was there and ready to go.

This has caused fights to break out. In fact the fight at the Magic Kingdom recently was caused by someone trying to rejoin their party.

7. People Who Don’t Watch Their Children

People go to a Disney park and they bring their kids but they want to experience it too. Sometimes while they are taking it all in their kids are taking advantage or not paying attention.

Please watch your children. I can’t tell you how many times people keep moving in line and leaving their children behind. This holds up the entire line and make it longer for others.

I’ve seen kids licking railing, licking windows, climbing up onto areas of the queue. That is dangerous for a number of reasons. Please watch your kids.  I don’t want to see your child get hurt, lost or sick.

I also don’t want your child right up on my butt because you aren’t paying attention. If I accidentally hit your child because they are right up on me, I will be the one who gets screamed at. Just watch your kids.

8. Bubble Wands

Honestly, this one could fall under number seven. Again, I’m not talking about people who tell their kids to be respectful with the wands. Yes, let kids be kids. However, do not use them in the restaurants when people are eating. Most people don’t want bubble soap in their food.

If you are in a queue or a congested area, please don’t use the bubble wands. They are pretty and fun, but they can get in other guest’s eyes, especially other kids.

9. Trash Leavers

There are garbage cans all over the parks and in the queues for the attractions. There is no reason to leave your trash on ride vehicles, in queue areas, or on the streets. If a can is full, find another one. They are all over the place.

Do not leave your garbage for everyone else to see. Especially your dirty diapers. That’s gross.

Oh and don’t change your kids pants on top of restaurant tables and benches. Find a restroom please. I’ve literally seen people do this and it’s disgusting. You aren’t the only guest who will be using that and if it’s busy it isn’t always cleaned off well between guests.

10. Bus Seat Hogs

When you are on a Disney bus, during a busy time of day, do not put your bags on the seat so no one else can sit down. That is rude.

There are a lot of people who might need to sit like elderly guests, those with disabilities or injuries, pregnant women, small children.

The last time I was to Walt Disney World I saw this happen multiple times. A family would get on and one of them would put a bag on the seat to separate them from other people, taking up one and sometimes two seats.

Don’t do that. Talk about entitled.

Which leads me to a bonus type.

11. Entitled People

One could argue that most of this post is made up of “entitled people” but I’m talking about the extra entitled people that take it further. The “do you know how much I paid to be here?” people.

The ones that flaunt they have DVC or are AP holders. They call you “Passholes” for a reason.

Guests that are rude to Cast Members for no reason or expect them to cater to their every whim because they “paid for it.”  People who stay at higher priced hotels and mock those that stay at a value or demand they get more because they spent more.

You know the type. Don’t be those people. I don’t care who you are or what you do. My mother always said “You are not above anyone. You aren’t beneath them either.”

How many of these types of people have you seen at the Disney parks or other theme parks? Comment and let us know!

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