10 Popular Disney Snacks To Try When Visiting Walt Disney World


After going to Disney parks for years, and being part of fan boards and groups with other Disney parks fans, I’ve come up with a few treat options that people mention over and over again.  If you are headed to Walt Disney World, you might want to give some of these snacks a try!

1. The iconic Mickey Pretzel

The Mickey pretzel is one of the top three that I see mentioned the most.  The cost is now up to almost $7 ($6.79), which is really expensive for a pretzel, but a lot of people enjoy them and are willing to pay that.

These treats are located all over the Disney parks in various locations and at several outdoor carts.

2. The Mickey Ice Cream Bar

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Another top three seems to be the Mickey Ice Cream Bar. This treat is also available all over the Disney parks in many locations. The price on this one is almost $6 at $5.69 per bar.

Many guests feel not trip to a Disney park is complete without the iconic treat!

3. Dole Whip

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The third option that usually falls in the top three, iconic, Disney treats is the Dole Whip.

A few locations in the parks and resorts offer the pineapple treat, but the most well known location is at the Aloha Isle in Adventureland.

The treat can be purchased as a float for about $6. It can also be purchased in a cup for about $5.  Different times of year other flavors or offerings are available as well.

4. The Citrus Swirl

(Photo Credit: Disney)

Along the same lines as the Dole Whip is the Citrus Swirl. Where the Dole Whip is pineapple the Citrus Swirl is Orange and Vanilla swirled in a cup for about $5.  It is located at the Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland. Not far from the Aloha Isle.

5. Churros

(Photo Credit: Disney)

Churros are always a popular Disney treat. I would say this is number one if you are visiting Disneyland, but at Walt Disney World you can also find this treat in a variety of flavors at various food cart locations.

Prices on these run $5.25 – about $6.25 depending on what you order.

6. School Bread

(Photo Credit: Disney)

Another treat that is brought up a lot is the School Bread at the Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe in the Norway pavilion in EPCOT.

I have to admit, I’ve never had this treat, but I see so many devoted to it. The price is about $4.50 and it’s described as a “sweet roll filled with custard and dipped in Coconut.”

7. Turkey Leg

(Photo Credit: Delish)

Yet another treat that a lot of people say they buy when they go to Walt Disney World is the infamous turkey leg.

Turkey legs can be found at several locations in the parks and they cost about $12.50  to over $13 depending where you get one.

We did purchase this one once, and it was so big and greasy that we couldn’t all finish it (granted our kids were little at the time.)

For me the mess is a big part of it. That and it’s a bit of a pain to carry around with you.

8. Night Blossom (drink)

(Photo Credit: Disney Food Blog DFB)

My daughter would be very upset with me if I don’t include one of her favorite drink option in the Pandora: The World of Avatar section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The drink is located at Pongu Pongu.

The price on this one is about $6. It’s a drink that features “layers of Apple and Desert Pear Limeade topped with Passion Fruit Boba Balls.”

Small warning, it’s very sweet. But she adores it so I had to make sure it was on my list of some Disney treats.

9. Cheshire Cat Tail

(Photo Credit: Disney)

Another very popular treat to try at Walt Disney World, is the Cheshire Cat Tail at the Cheshire Café in Fantasyland, near the Mad Tea Party attraction.

This is a flakey pastry with chocolate chips and swirls of pink and purple icing on top. It’s a relatively good deal at about $5.50.

10. Candy Apples

(Photo Credit: Disney)

Yet another treat option people rave about are the candy apples at Walt Disney World. You can find these in a couple different places, but the most well known are the Main Street Confectionery and Goofy’s Candy Company in Disney Springs.

There are all kinds of options on this one but the price is around $12.

We usually don’t but these because they are very hard to eat for us. If you are getting one to take back to your room to cut up, then go for it. Otherwise be prepared.

Bonus #11. Create-Your-Own offerings at Goofy’s Candy Company

I’m adding this one because it’s one of my kids favorites and it has been since they were very little.

If you visit Goofy’s Candy Company in Disney Springs, you can custom order a treat and watch them make it for you!

They usually choose Rice Krispy Treats or Marshmallows. The price is usually a few dollars for each one.

Now, there are many different treat options across the Walt Disney World resort with savory, sweet, food or beverage choices. This list just contains a few options.

What is your favorite Walt Disney World treat? Have a treat you think others would enjoy? Comment and let us know!

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